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The world is changing fast. So are group retirement plans and insurance strategies.

As expert group retirement plan and insurance consultants, we are here to help.

That means retirement well-being for your employees, and a rock-solid financial foundation for your family.  

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Here Are 3 Ways We Improve The Lives Of Our Clients

Risk management and managing employees are two key pillars of any successful business. Here's an overview of our 3 core services to help you manage risk and grow your business.

Advanced life insurance strategies, backed by PPI Advisory

Protecting you and your loved ones from a risk or tax event involves careful planning and a deep knowledge of the insurance industry.

A successful insurance and risk management plan requires creativity and thoughtfulness.

That’s why we created something called Intelligent Insurance. It’s insurance with a purpose and supported by hard data.

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Your agent is the difference between a good plan and a great plan

Canadian group retirement and pension plans have changed a lot over the last decade, and we’re not just talking about lower fees.

Group plan insurance providers leave it up to individual servicing insurance agents to manage these changes and ensure delivery of services to plan members.

In our experience, many agents work on the "set it and forget it" plan, and that's just not good enough for your business ... or your employees.

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With hundreds of investment options, how do you choose?

The number one barrier to active employee participation in a group retirement plan is the overwhelming barrier of information when selecting an appropriate investment for their retirement account.

We help your employees overcome this resistance by offering 1-on-1 advice either directly, or by ensuring the delivery of relevant and timely advice by the plan provider.

We track the activity of members in the plan so we can help those who might need an extra boost along the way. This also helps ensure you are meeting your duties as the plan sponsor.

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We are the difference

Our team is here to help you succeed.

Get the benefit of working with a team of specialists who know what it’s like to start and run a business.

We understand uncertainty around making the right call, the weight of untold responsibilities … and the wear and tear of those sleepless nights.

All of that is top of mind when we build strategies and make our recommendations.

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for business owners who want more

Things get easier when CBPP is in your corner

It can be difficult to stay on top of all the latest rules and regulations around group retirement plans. And the daily pressures of running your business can leave little time to review your personal and business risk exposure.

Through our systematic review process, you’re never left wondering what unseen risks could be lurking around the next corner. Click the button below to learn more about our intelligent insurance risk management strategies, and how we help you grow your business with top-tier group plans.

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We Believe Values Matter

There are thousands of life insurance licensed agents in Canada. Our values set us apart.

A Heart For People

Money is important and we recognize it isn’t most people’s “first language”. Anyone who asks for our help will be met with a genuine desire to make their lives better. That’s what drives us at CBPP.


The life insurance and financial advice industry is littered with tales of dishonest sales people masquerading as advisors. We call out bad players and bad practices while following the CFA Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.


We believe financial wellness is driven by knowledge. Our core process starts from the perspective of education to ensure all stakeholders (and their advisors) are equipped to make informed decisions.


Our services are driven through close collaboration with our partners and our clients’ trusted advisors. Whether it’s a trusted CPA, legal counsel, trustee or portfolio manager, we recognize the importance of working together.


Through our work with business owners, we have the privilege of learning best practices from a broad range of industries. We use what we learn to bring the latest innovations to our mature industry.


We do what we say. We’re on time. We say please and thank you. We return phone calls. We’re proactive in our problem solving. We are seasoned professionals.

Build Your Business and Grow Your Wealth

With CBPP in your corner, you have access to over 75 years of combined experience in risk management and employee retirement plans. We're just a phone call away.

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