from good to great

Attract The Best Talent With The Best Company Retirement Plan

And you can do it without the stress of changing plan providers or increasing contributions.

Professional Management

The difference between a good plan and a great plan is the servicing agent.

Lower Fees

Fees have come down a lot over the the last 10 years. We have reduced investment fees on every plan we have worked with.

Better Service

You and your members deserve top-tier service from a professional manager. We deliver that in spades.

What we do

Renovate, Don't Replace

CBPP is a professional manager for established company retirement plans and pension plans. We help organizations attract and retain their best talent by renovating plans in-place and upgrading them from good to great.

CBPP replaces your current insurance licensed agent, so you and your plan members get a full suite of instant upgrades

what you get

Professional Plan Management Services

  • Lower fees so you can be sure your plan members have their best chance at achieving their retirement goals.
  • Modern investment guidance and education so your members aren’t left hanging with do-it-yourself frustrations.
  • The full delivery of the broad array of existing vendor services so your members get all the services they’re already paying for.
  • Capital Accumulation Plan guidance and assistance to help your organization minimize retirement litigation risk.
  • A full done-for-you employee communication package to help keep your valuable plan top of mind and maximize the impact of your total compensation model.
it's time for new management

Better Value. Better Service.

Making the switch to CBPP as manager and servicing agent is easy because your plan stays with the current provider / vendor. Switching to CBPP means you’re getting more for your money.

If you aren’t getting everything listed above from your current servicing agent, book a time to speak with our team to see if CBPP might be a good fit for your organization.