CBPP + PPI ADvisory

Intelligent Insurance

Integrated insurance strategies.

what we do

Consultative & Independent

We are a consultative life Insurance licensed planning team that helps bring clarity and certainty to clients and their families. We provide insurance solutions for individuals, private companies, their owners, and their families (buy sell agreements, freezes, estate planning, etc.).

As an independent agency we work with a variety of insurance companies through our master agent PPI Advisory. We believe we are as well positioned as anyone in the marketplace. It is our approach (relationships are key), connectivity, and collective experience that provides us an opportunity to dialogue with people and explore strategies.

Our client opportunities come in part from the CBPP retirement planning interactions, but also from our strong professional network, and client and industry referrals.

the character of our service

Strength & Experience

  • Integrated approach in alignment with clients’ guiding professionals
  • Boutique planning solutions for individuals, business owners and CCPC companies
  • Dynasty planning – ensuring certainty into the future
  • Legacy building and on-going dedicated philanthropy
  • US and International insurance planning and solutions – using International trusts and structures
  • Planning, and linking to our professional network to facilitate the use, and placement of insurance.
  • In our experience, appropriate solutions derive from thoughtful and considered planning.

Although insurance is often marketed in terms of “products”, its’ true power is in the ability to customize the solutions to fit exactly the needs and requirements of the individuals.

the team approach

Patience & Insight

Working towards a client objective requires patience, understanding, insight and objectivity. Working in conjunction with a clients’ advisors and family stakeholders often happens as a team approach.

A team embraces each others experiences, insights and perspectives for the benefit of the client. It is incumbent upon the clients to understand the range of possibilities and projected outcomes. We strive to create as much clarity and certainty of outcome as possible.

Whilst acknowledging that life and the way in which things unfold are never quite so linear. Fluidity and adaptability are hallmarks of a good family plan. And insurance solutions need to be consistent with this material reality.

Clients should consider and examine the possibilities, and will be rewarded for their investment of time. Our desire is to illustrate and educate the attributes, and potential outcomes that can be achieved, and where insurance can help to meet the overall planning and client family objectives.

We enjoy being part of the solution set. We are rewarded when all participants gain insight and perception from their knowledge, and where solutions are confirmed by the results.